We know firsthand what it’s like to have someone smear your good name online which is why Altitude SEO offers an industry leading reputation SEO service that includes not only suppression of negative information, but the ability to permanently remove defamatory information through reputation litigation.

Our Reputation SEO Process Includes:

  • Suppression of Negative Information Using Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Promotion of Positive Information Using Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Removal of Negative Information from Search Results Using Reputation Litigation

How do we suppress negative information?

Reputation SEO is very similar to a standard search engine optimization campaign. To Google, getting ranked in essence is like a popularity contest. Essentially, it’s our mission to make your prize content win the popularity contest with all major search engines resulting in a rise of good content, and suppression of negative content.

Can we remove negative photos and/or videos from search results?

Google has a lot of tools to help manage your reputation. For an example; lets say you were accused of a crime which was broadly reported around news agencies and now, even though you’ve been proven innocent, your mug shot is still haunting you when your name is searched.

Depending on the outcome of your situation, Altitude SEO can suppress and in many cases have your mugshot legally removed through reputation litigation.

Who can use reputation SEO?

Reputation SEO is for anyone who needs to clear their good name. From individuals to major corporations, reputation SEO and reputation litigation is designed to protect you, and/or your business’s reputation.

How much does reputation SEO cost?

The cost of reputation SEO can vary depending on the popularity of the person and/or brand. For an example; an individual who was accused and cleared of a crime can be both difficult or simple depending on available positive resources to promote. Additionally, if the we’re protecting a major brand or high-profile personality, we have technical resources we can develop into their brand website to take control over their image online.

How do I get started?

We encourage you to contact us to determine if reputation SEO is for you. Keep in mind, repairing your reputation is an investment and requires specialized expertise. We’ve successfully defended the reputations of both individuals, celebrities and major corporations both using reputation SEO and reputation litigation.

What is reputation litigation?

Reputation Litigation is something we always look at. Depending on the situation, we can file a complaint in county or district court on the reporting individual. While some websites like Yelp can be difficult to remove, obtaining a judgement will allow us to have the listing removed from Google which is 90% of the battle.