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At Altitude SEO, we understand the difficulties in researching and interviewing potential search engine optimization partners. Search Engine Optimization is now a 70+ BILLION Dollar industry, and because of that, more and more unscrupulous or underqualified ‘search engine optimisation experts’ are popping up. With Altitude SEO’s ‘SEO Brokers’ program,  you can focus on growing your business while we handle all of the ‘SEO Housekeeping’ to ensure your businesses maximum success.


Hiring an SEO Broker from Altitude SEO is free and probably the best decision you could make when it comes to managing your SEO efforts. Here’s why:

  • Solicit & Review SEO Estimates and Stragatiges from Multiple SEO Vendors
  • Risk Assessment & Strategy Analysis
  • Schedule & Manage SEO Progress Meetings
  • Review SEO Vendor Progress & Reporting
  • Provide Training & Campaign Insight

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