There are two different ways to pay for SEO services on your website: Through an SEO or an SEO company. The latter is a company that does everything for your, such as web development, social media, marketing, content, and search engine optimization. The former involves hiring a single individual to do all the above or certain parts of it while you either hire others to take on other tasks or go without them for a time. Let’s look at what type of search engine optimization you need to be successful online.

SEO or an SEO Company?

If you’ve decided SEO is right for you, you have some hard choices to make. If you’ve never heard of search engine optimization before, you even have a learning curve. By hiring the right SEO or company, you can rest assured that your website will be seen no matter the obstacles to getting it on the first page.

Should you hire an SEO or a company to manage your rankings? It depends on what your goals are with your website. If you’re looking for all-inclusive service, including everything you need to succeed online, going with an SEO company is often the better investment. You pay one company to manage everything to do with your search engine optimization campaign.

If you’re a small business or don’t have the budget to hire a company to get started, consider hiring an individual to run your SEO campaign. While this individual may not have all the resources to manage every aspect of your website online, they can jumpstart a campaign, especially at the local SEO level. Whether you keep them when your presence grows larger to take on more responsibility or have them act as a go-between with an SEO company, an SEO can be a great way to get started with visibility.

Hiring an SEO or an SEO company comes down to three things: Your budget, your goals online, and your visibility strategy. Once you know what you want to do online, you’re only constrained by how much money you can spend to get there and the talent you hire on to get the job done right.