Social media is a blessing and a curse in today’s internet age. We’re glued to our phones, our favorite networks, and if we can’t get in front of a tiny screen to see what’s going on in the world we lose our minds. While not everyone is addicted to social media, when it comes to being seen online, social media can help whether you believe it or not. Should you be using social media? Let’s find out!

So, Should You Be Using Social Media?

Every brand, service, or industry can enjoy social media to reach its audience. Whether you are business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C), your business can find an audience on social media. The benefits are often two-fold: Not only are you building an audience, Google also looks at social signals as a strong indicator of your presence online. This helps boost your search engine optimization (SEO) portfolio, especially if you’re engaging with those following you on various social media channels.

Choosing the right social media channels for a brand or service is easier said than done. For some businesses, you might find a few channels to work well; for others, you may need to invest in the dozens of social networks out there to choose from. It’ll take some time, dedication and frustration to find the right social media plan for your brand but once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in it from the start. These social media channels at the least will offer a boost to your SEO portfolio, even if it takes some time to connect with your audience and customer base.

Social media can help you brand yourself online. By building the right social media channels for your business, you can reach your audience, interact with them, and even handle customer service in ways you never thought possible. With more consumers turning to social media as a way to learn more about you, why wouldn’t you want to use social media to connect with them? Otherwise, they may just connect with your competition and leave you behind.