What was once a simple way to catch up with friends or post photos of your brunch has now become a big business. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others has shifted from simple online applications to one of the best ways to let your customers know what’s happening in your business and to reach new customers.

There are plenty of no-cost ways to get on social media accounts to promote your business such as pictures and posts, but if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, should you invest in paid social media ads? Let’s review how social media ads work so you know if paid ads are a good idea for your unique business.

So, Should You Run Ads on Social Media?

If your current or potential customers are on social media, you should be, too. There are plenty of ways to promote your business for free on social media, but free promotions will only go so far. Let’s review why you should be running ads on social media, and how you should do it.

Why You Should Run Social Media Ads

Your competitors already are, and that’s where your potential customers are too. Social media resource Hootsuite states that ad spending on Facebook alone reached 11.9 billion dollars or 35.4 percent of all display advertising in the US to the millions (yes millions) of social media users across the country. Your budget may not allocate for advertising to millions of people, but the idea is the same, your potential customers are already on social media, and so are your competitors. If you’re aren’t playing the same game, you’re missing out on plenty of potential business.

How You Should Run Social Media Ads

You can’t toss ads into the void and hope that it will give you a solid return on investment. Like any other types of promotions or advertising, you want to market to where your potential customers are. Since every business is unique, your social media strategy must be unique to your business as well.

Your best strategy is to meet with a social media marketing service. Search engine optimization company, or internet marketing firm to get an idea of where your potential customers, and the best ways to reach them. If you’re not ready for full-scale ads, you can run a few trials to help test and solidify your social media marketing decisions.

The writing is on the wall; social media is where your customers are, where your competitors are, and where you should be. Make the call to a local and reputable social media service so you can start getting your piece of the pie today.

Source: Social Media Advertising: The Complete Guide