Cyber security is more important now than it ever has been. Now too many years ago it was unheard of to communicate sensitive information electronically but now bank statements, personal information, and other sensitive material are sent electronically back and forth around the clock.

The unfortunate part is that criminals know that this sensitive information is out there, and they want to do anything they can to get their hands on it. You must protect yourself. One basic form of cyber security is known as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL.) So do you need to install an SSL? Let’s look into what an SSL is, as well as its benefits so you know if an SSL is right for you.

Should You Install an SSL?

What is an SSL?

An SSL is a form of cyber security meant to keep criminals or unwanted agencies from eavesdropping, stealing, tampering with information, or otherwise exploiting sensitive information. The technology of SSLs was developed by Netscape in the early 90s and while SSLs have evolved, the idea is the still the same to this day.

How Does an SSL Work?

An SSL works by encrypting data before sending. In a standard exchange of information over the internet the data is sent in plain text but an SSL encrypts this data to keep nefarious parties from being able to access that information to harm you, your website, or the end user.

Benefits of an SSL

Let’s review some distinct benefits of an SSL so you can decide if you need to install one.

  • Encrypts sensitive data such as account numbers, passwords, and more
  • Can protect from malware
  • Keeps ISPs or third parties from manipulating or viewing sensitive information
  • Can be used for a mail server
  • Makes your site trustworthy to end users

So Should I Install an SSL?

If there is any type of sensitive information being shared or transmitted through your site, you should have an SSL certificate installed. If your page or site deals with sensitive information and you fail to install an SSL, you could be setting yourself up for hacking, snooping, manipulating and stealing.

If you believe your website needs a SSL certificate installed your next bet will be to contact a local search engine optimization company, cyber security outfit, or web developer. They can look at your needs, let you know the benefits of an SSL on your website, and install a SSL so you can start receiving its benefits. With an SSL installed, you can sleep easier knowing that your information is being protected from prying eyes.