Search engine optimization can be a complex process. If you make one mistake or use the wrong type of software you could be holding your rankings back and hurting your rankings without even knowing it. This includes the obvious like not following best SEO practices or violating webmaster guidelines, but even something as simple as a using bad hosting service or archaic website building platform could be keeping your website down in the rankings dump.

Squarespace is one of the more popular content management systems (CMS) out there and can be used to build websites, manage content, host your sites, and act as a platform for other SEO related services. While Squarespace may be popular, it could also be stagnating your rankings. Let’s examine why Squarespace may not be the best platform for your website and SEO.

Why Squarespace is Holding Your SEO Back

Slow to Change

SEO is mostly out about staying on the edge of new practices and keeping up with the search engines, both of which will suffer from Squarespace as your CMS. Squarespace has shown multiple times that they are slow to implement new features and changes as the SEO industry changes. If Squarespace can’t keep with up with the changes required to have quality SEO, your website can’t keep up either and your rankings will suffer.

Lack of Tools

Squarespace uses Squarespace’s tools and resources, and Squarespace’s alone. If you want a certain plugin, theme, technical tool or another helpful resource, you better hope that Squarespace already has it. Other CMS offer open-source platforms and a wide variety of different tools and resources that can help your website’s SEO out. You can’t get that with Squarespace.

Lack of Control

When you purchase a Squarespace site, Squarespace technically owns the website and the host. This means you will never have full control of your Squarespace site and if Squarespace goes down, so does your website. It’s hard to implement all the SEO strategies you want to when you don’t even own the website.

If you want your CMS to be slow to update, not have many tools, and not give you full control of your website, Squarespace will likely work for you. If you want full control of your site and the ability to implement the best SEO strategy at all times, you’re better off with a different CMS.