The internet gives anyone an outlet to design and put in place an online store, or e-commerce website that’s they’ve always dreamed of but designing an online store isn’t child’s play. Setting up any website by yourself is difficult, but the addition of commerce to a site can make for a trying process. Luckily there are several platforms and tools that can help web rookies get online and see their

It’s understandable that updates can be frustrating. It seems like every time you boot up your computer some software or program is begging you to update it, and don’t even get us started on Adobe Acrobat. Many of these updates can be pushed to the side, and many aren’t 100% necessary, but not when it comes to updating your content management system (CMS.)  Your CMS needs always to stay updated,

You’ve decided to make a website for your grass-cutting business. That’s fantastic! The modern business won’t be seen without a proper website, that’s where your potential customers are after all. You sit down at a computer with a newly-bought book on making a website, but you’ve already hit a snag, what content management system (CMS) should you use to build your site? There are dozens of CMSs out there, and

Search engine optimization can be a complex process. If you make one mistake or use the wrong type of software you could be holding your rankings back and hurting your rankings without even knowing it. This includes the obvious like not following best SEO practices or violating webmaster guidelines, but even something as simple as a using bad hosting service or archaic website building platform could be keeping your website

These days, I you aren’t taking part in the digital marketing world, you will be left in the dust. More customers than ever before go online to find the right companies and services for their needs and if they can’t find you online, chances are you are losing that business. To fill this gap in the market, there are countless companies who want to work with you as a digital

If you want to do search engine optimization (SEO) the right way, you must start with a high-quality content management system (CMS.) An easy-to-use and detailed CMS provides you the right foundation to follow webmaster guidelines, use SEO best practices, and go about the different duties that must be taken care of to keep your rankings high. You can open split CMS into two main categories, closed and open source,