Anyone who has used Snapchat has probably had fun trying out the different filters that do everything from adding kitten ears to strangely distorting pictures and videos. Have you ever stopped to wonder where these filters come from, or how you might make one, yourself? Think about the branding potential if your business or organization were to create its own Snapchat filter. The possibilities are endless! It’s easier than you

What was once a simple way to catch up with friends or post photos of your brunch has now become a big business. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others has shifted from simple online applications to one of the best ways to let your customers know what’s happening in your business and to reach new customers. There are plenty of no-cost ways to get on social media

Social media is a blessing and a curse in today’s internet age. We’re glued to our phones, our favorite networks, and if we can’t get in front of a tiny screen to see what’s going on in the world we lose our minds. While not everyone is addicted to social media, when it comes to being seen online, social media can help whether you believe it or not. Should you