All the hoopla you hear about digital marketing nowadays is about where your website ranks. The saying in the world of SEO is, “If you aren’t first, you’re last.” The top spot on search engine rankings is the ultimate achievement for your website, and will lead to plenty of new business, but does every business or every website need SEO to succeed? Let’s learn more about how customers are using

It’s difficult to imagine a modern world without the internet and websites. About every business, service and company has a website where potential customers can find contact information, learn what that company does, and reach out to that company. With the advent of digital technologies, if you aren’t online, your business won’t reach the potential it could. Being online comes with the ever-present threat of hacking. Hackers can steal sensitive

If getting your website ranked highly was a simple matter, there would be plenty of search engine optimization (SEO) companies out of business. Fortunately for the SEO companies, and unfortunately for you, there are plenty of different factors that go into getting your website ranked on the most popular search engines, including Google. One factor that can help determine your site’s rankings in the eyes of the search engine is

Business owners and service providers who are paying attention to current trends know that most of their potential new customers look online to find them. This means that if you don’t have an established web presence, you’re going to be left behind. Those same business owners also know that’s not enough to just have a website, they most also come up high in search results for these same customers to

Another question Altitude SEO gets asked often is “why do other websites show up higher in Google than mine?” In fact, this question is why so many potential clients give us a call after visiting our website or seeing us on social media. When it comes to the way Google ranks websites, there are hundreds of factors going on behind the scenes that explain why one site ranks higher than