Altitude SEO offers a variety of 1-time, technical SEO services. Technical SEO is the foundational SEO process that allows your website the best chance to rank for relevant keywords and phrases in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and is typically the first phase in a full-service search engine optimization campaign.

Why Technical SEO?

Without the integration of the technical requirements from the major search engines, obtaining sustainable search engine ranking growth is unlikely.

Altitude SEO clients typically enjoy much better rankings then our competitor’s clients because of our technical SEO requirements.

Technical SEO can be used in an on-going search engine optimization campaign, or as a standalone service in our SEO Site Tune product, or even for assistance with the migration of websites who require sustained rankings during the transition.

Technical SEO Services

At Altitude SEO, technical SEO is required for all on-going SEO campaigns. Without it, rankings will fluctuate and never live to their short, and long-term potential.

Initial & Ongoing Technical SEO

  • Advanced Crawl & Website Ranking Strategy
  • Analysis & Repair of Crawl & Server Errors
  • Link & Penalty Audit Analysis & Repair
  • Website Security Audit & Repair
  • Website Speed Performance Audit & Optimization
  • Internal / External Link Sculpting
  • On-site Element Optimization (Title Elements, Meta Description, Heading Tags & more.)
  • NAP Audit & Repair

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