Has your website been hacked? If so you, your business reputation in addition to your websites search engine visibility is at stake!

Altitude SEO provides you with peace of mind though our website malware removal service. Altitude SEO can fix, repair and restore your hacked website faster, and better than you could ever imagine.

Indications of a hacked website

  • Google, Yahoo and/or Bing have indicated your website has been compromised
    (“This site is Hacked” or “This site may be compromised”)
  • Website users complain about AntiVirus alerts.
  • Unusual keywords in search results (i.e. Viagra, Pharmaceutical terms etc)
  • Regular complaints about redirects

Protect Your Website from Hackers, Malware & Blacklists!

CloudProxy Website Firewall

How Firewalls Work

Firewalls are an incredibly valuable security measure that puts in place a set of rules on incoming and outgoing traffic designed to protect networks, servers, websites and individual computers.

The purpose of these rules are to allow access for trusted sources while denying access (blocking) to untrusted requests.


Filtering: all of the packets of data coming in contact with your firewall are analyzed against a set of filters.

Proxy: a “middleman” is established between your website and the internet. This middleman, or proxy, passes along the good traffic while stopping the rest before it can get to your site.

Inspection: instead of analyzing all data coming at your site, key elements are identified and compared to a database of trusted information. If the data is a match then it’s allowed through.

For as little as $1.00 per day, Altitude SEO’s ‘Website Security Solutions’ can configure, implement and monitor your website traffic to ensure you’re protected against hackers, malware and blacklists!

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