There are several different aspects of a website that help determine if a user will stay and browse, or immediately click away to somewhere else. All of these aspects need to be maintained and optimized to keep people on your website and having a positive impact on your business. Website speed is one of these aspects that often gets overlooked while other factors are worked on, but this is a big mistake!

Website speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to ease of use of your website so you want to make sure your site and pages are loading quickly and efficiently. Let’s delve more into the importance of website speed.

The Importance of Website Speed and Load Times

Let’s imagine you’re using a web search to look for plumbers in your area. You may start with a simple web search like “city plumbers,” to find your results and with one click, there your results are. Now imagine clicking on the first result and it brings you to a page that keeps displaying a loading icon, are you going to sit there and wait, or are you going to go back and click on the next result?

In all likelihood you are going to move on, and you’re not alone. It’s estimated that your conversion rate can be cut in half for just an extra second of load time! If all your pages are not loading in a timely, efficient manner, you’re missing out on tons of business.

How to Fix Slow Webpages

If slow load times are plaguing your site, it’s time to call in the professionals. SEO companies are one of your best allies in the first against long load times. A thorough SEO will audit all the individual pages on your site to figure out what pages are loading quickly and what sites need some work. Once they find these pages they can implement a variety of best practice optimization techniques to get those pages loading right away. Some web development companies may also offer website speed optimization services.

If your website is suffering through long load times, chances are potential business won’t stay along for the process. Make it a habit to watch your website’s load times and look for help from a reputable SEO company or web development company to keep things humming along, and potential business to keep logging on.