It’s understandable that updates can be frustrating. It seems like every time you boot up your computer some software or program is begging you to update it, and don’t even get us started on Adobe Acrobat. Many of these updates can be pushed to the side, and many aren’t 100% necessary, but not when it comes to updating your content management system (CMS.)  Your CMS needs always to stay updated, but why is your CMS different than any other program asking to be updated? Let’s find out.

What Happens If You Don’t Update Your Content Management System?

More Susceptible to Hacking

Cyber security vs. hacking and criminal activity are a constant cat-and-mouse game. Cyber security programs come up with ways to ward off hackers; hackers figure it out, then the program needs to come up with new methods. That means that your CMS is constantly being updated to fight back against security threats and if it isn’t regularly updated, your website is much more susceptible to hacking.

More Susceptible to Consistency Problems

Your website’s CMS may look like one big program to you, but it’s made up of dozens of individual components that all work together to give you a great looking website that functions flawlessly if it’s updated. Failure to update could cause inconsistencies between different programs in your CMS, especially if you utilize third-party software on your CMS. If you want everything on your CMS to get along nicely, you must update your CMS when prompted.

Fall Out of Favor with Search Engines

Some CMSs like WordPress are engineered to make optimizing your website a breeze. There’s just one issue with this; search engines are constantly updating their programs and algorithms to make the best search engine possible. If your CMS is behind on updates, you could be missing critical optimizing updates or components that will send your search engine rankings to the dumps. If having your website ranked highly is important to you (it should be) you must stay on top of search engine updates by updating your CMS.

It may be a pain in the butt to deal with, but updates are important to keep your website functioning as it should be. Always check to see if any updates for your site are available and that any updates for programs and software that work with your website are updated. In the end, an updated website is a well-maintained website.