The acronym SEO has been around for almost as long as the internet has been in existence, but relatively few people truly understand what SEO is and the value that an SEO company can bring to an organization. So, to clear some of the air, we’re dedicating a post to defining SEO and explaining why it’s particularly important for small businesses.

First, the Basics When Dealing with an SEO Company

As you may already know, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a discipline within digital marketing that focuses on increasing the search ranking of any given webpage. That’s it! Now, we can all go home. Right?

Not so fast…

The techniques, tools, and methodologies used to increase search rankings are vast and deeply complex. Some of them require years of study and trial-and-error to master. If it were as simple as just using the right keywords or having the ideal metadata for each page, SEO as a contracted service wouldn’t even exist.

Here is a list of some of the many factors that go into calculating a webpage’s search ranking, whether the ranking is with Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine:

  • Website security (HTTPS/HTTP)
  • Website optimization for mobile devices like iPhones and tablets
  • The quality and length of webpage content
  • Backlink development
  • Image optimization
  • Web page load speed

What makes SEO such a crucial aspect of digital marketing as a whole is that it’s the most reliable way to build an online presence organically. What exactly do we mean by organic? Well, organic growth on the internet comes from a website steadily becoming more and more popular among those who visit it. This positive response by visitors to site content is a signal to the search engines that the content is valuable, and as such, it’s sent higher and higher in search results.

Unless you know the nuances of how search engine algorithms work and you stay on top of the constant changes that are made to them, it’s an incredibly difficult challenge to optimize a website for SEO. This is why SEO-focused firms like Altitude SEO are sought after.

What You Can Expect from an SEO Company

Any SEO company worth their salt is going to be able to provide a host of SEO-related services that work together to bolster your internet presence. Some of these services will invariably include:

Analyzing website structure. This involves checking the overall organization of site pages, how they’re presented to the visitor, where the content lives, and where interaction takes place.
Auditing web page security and load speed. A secure page is a page that Google is going to prefer to send visitors to. And, if it loads quickly, that’s all the better.
Optimizing conversion rates, keyword use, and meta information. Taking a long, hard look at your content and determining where improvements can be made is a highly valuable service that SEO companies provide.

In addition to these services, there’s even more that a qualified SEO firm can help with. At Altitude SEO, we’ve helped hundreds of clients realize their online potential by implementing fundamental on-page and off-page best practices that drive more traffic and increase sales.

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