Some have asked, “What’s the difference in Enterprise SEO vs. Local SEO?” There is sometimes confusion in how Enterprise SEO differs from other forms of search engine optimizations. If you Google “Enterprise SEO” you will get pages and pages of information but not one that really gives a good definition or tells the user what all it entails.

“So Enterprise SEO is exactly the same as any other SEO. The two primary differences are, you’re dealing with an 800lb gorilla which is, as you know, a website that might have ten million or fifty million pages and therefore the problems that you have in a normal SEO are just magnified to huge scale so the toolset you need to apply it to is very, very different. The other challenge is dealing with, you know, a board of directors, multiple stakeholders on every part of the site and just the kind of internal politics and diplomacy that you’d need to deal with in these large companies to actually get stuff done,” Michael Macdonald of explains in this interview.

So in short, Enterprise SEO is dealing with larger companies, which in turns takes all of the standard SEO tools and requires them to be used on a magnified scaled. Regular SEO may work with smaller businesses with only one or two sites. Enterprise SEO works with much larger companies that have multi-page websites. The comparison can be drawn to minor and major league sports. The basic foundation and skills are the same, the level of proficiency of the skills have to be higher and more complex for Enterprise SEO.

While working with Enterprise SEO, everything from the team working on the websites to the content itself has to be bigger in every element. Organic searches have to be supplemented with other social strategies like social media to reach the larger audience. Also the competitive edge always has to remain sharp. This means always finding the new and best ways to make sure the search engine optimization you are offering is always top of the line.

Enterprise SEO has its advantages and disadvantages but if you’re looking to get into a larger version of the search engine optimization, then enterprise is the way to go. Large scale SEO isn’t for everyone but for those who it is for, there are certainly rewarding times ahead.

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