Getting your website to rank highly in search engine results is the number one goal for a search engine optimization (SEO) company. SEO companies utilize a number of different tools, resources, and best practices to help your website show up for customers and drive new business to your office. If you’ve been working with an SEO, you have likely heard them talking about keywords, keyword research, and keywords you want to target. So what is keyword research, and why is it so important for an SEO company?

What is Keyword Research and Does It Really Matter?

Though search engines may be able to read your mind in the future, currently you must tell a search engine what you are looking for through the use of keywords and queries. For example, if you’re looking for a Denver asphalt repair company you might start your search with the keywords “Denver asphalt company,” or “Denver asphalt repair,” to get the results you need.

This is where keyword research comes into play. When starting an SEO campaign, you will choose a certain set or sets of target keywords for the SEO company to work on. If you are that same Denver asphalt company, you want your website to pop up high in the rankings when someone queries a search engine for “Denver asphalt companies.” So how do you decide which keywords you want to target? Through keyword research.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess what people are searching for, an SEO company can actually figure that out for you. Through different resources SEO companies can find out exactly what people are typing into their search engines to find companies like yours. For example:

You are ready to start an SEO campaign for your San Diego painting company so you need to figure out how people are searching for painters in San Diego. After using their tools your SEO company can tell you that 1000 people are using the keyword “San Diego painters” to search while only 100 searched “San Diego painting company.” Therefore, you know you want to target the more popular keyword in order to get the most out of your campaign.

Keyword research is actually one of the most important aspects of developing an SEO strategy and should always be utilized. Meet with a reputable and local SEO to research the keywords that apply to your website to start bringing in new business. You can only get the most out of your money by hiring an SEO that utilizes keyword research.