Transparency in the SEO world has been pretty much non-existent until the launch of RealSEO™. RealSEO™ is a process we developed that agencies around the globe are starting to catch onto. It short; it’s a code of ethics that entails authentic SEO processes (adherence to Google Webmaster Guidelines), a transparent process that includes complete transparency. Some SEOs claim to have a transparent process because they send out generic reports but true, RealSEO™ transparency involves giving the client 100% access to the entire process including on-page and off-page efforts.

At Altitude SEO, we do this by giving clients access to our internal project management system so they can track every move throughout the entire process.

The last piece is being results driven. At Altitude SEO, we do this by not tying clients into restrictive contracts. We are confident that by delivering extraordinary service and results; clients will stick around and grow with us.

If you’re tired of SEOs blaming algorithm updates and promoting ‘proprietary processes’ as a way to hide what work, or little work is being done — give us a call and discover why more small businesses trust RealSEO™ by Altitude SEO.

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