Have you heard of “local SEO?” If you’re a local business focusing on a specific area of the country, you need to know what local SEO is and whether you should invest in it to help your business grow. Local SEO is the process in which you optimize your website for a local demographic, increasing your visibility and profile in one area as opposed to nationally.

Let’s dive deeper into local SEO and see if it’s time you invested in it for your business.

Should You Invest in Local SEO?

Local SEO has become a popular way for small businesses, in particular, to take advantage of search engine optimization on the WordPress platform. Optimizing your website in any way will help it get seen by more potential clients, but optimizing for local users is key to getting business that matters. After all, if you’re targeting to everyone, what good is a customer calling you when they don’t live anywhere close to taking advantage of your services?

Here’s an astounding statistic about local search engine optimization and why you should consider it:

According to Google, over 33 percent of all searches performed in 2015 were local searches and when non geo-targeted keyword searches are thrown into mix triggering local results, that percentage jumps to 50.

Google is more than just a search engine, it’s a search experience. As it gets to know you, where you live, and what you search for, it’s looking for ways to help you. When you’re logged into Google now and have search history turned on, it can see where you live and what you search for. It mashes those two concepts together to give you a myriad of local search results because it assumes you want local businesses, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Businesses can capitalize on local SEO by targeting keywords based on their business and location. Whether you’re just getting started or are already a larger company looking for more, a local SEO campaigned integrated into a WordPress site is one of the best ways to invest in marketing, social media, and advertising. Why waste time on a national campaign when you can focus local with better results?