There’s a lot of misconception out there about what SEO company and does for their clients. This is one of the many reasons why these companies have clients fill out contracts and lay out a groundwork for what they can expect going forward. There are a variety of things a search engine optimization specialist does in the background that isn’t actually part of the process. This is where issues can arise between companies and clients.

Let’s look at what an SEO does and doesn’t do so you understand when they step up to the plate when other aspects of your website’s developments fall through the cracks.

What an SEO Does

An SEO’s primary job is to improve your rankings. Period. Any tasks that fall outside this goal is not the responsibility of an SEO company. They may jump in on tasks that fall outside this when those tasks affect a website’s performance. This is where confusion between the client and company can begin to affect the relationship, because clients will often think the SEO handles tasks beyond working on rankings.

SEO tasks include a variety of front end and back end tasks on and off your website. Your SEO will go into more detail on exactly the types of tasks you can expect when they start improving your rankings. Anything beyond that is in addition to your SEO campaign and something you shouldn’t take for granted. In fact, it should be a sign that your web host, developer, or maintainer isn’t doing their job the way they should be.

What an SEO Doesn’t Do

SEOs do not perform website hosting, development, or maintenance even when it may seem these tasks cross over. If the task doesn’t impact your SEO rankings, that’s not what an SEO does. If a search engine specialist is performing any of the above tasks, it’s a courtesy because they can either fix the issue or it effects the rankings and visibility of your site.

When your website has issues or your email stops working, that’s not your SEO’s responsibility. Even if your SEO jumps in and helps solve an issue, that doesn’t make it their issue to deal with in the future. Any time an SEO jumps in and takes care of something for you outside their realm of expertise, they’re doing it to help your rankings out.

Don’t take it for granted that your search engine optimization company steps up to help you in other areas. Don’t expect it either because every second their focus is elsewhere instead of on your rankings, your website will suffer in positions, visibility, and more. If you find an SEO performing a lot of the above tasks, you want to have a talk with your web developer, host, or maintainer to find out what they’re failing you.

Remember: Every time your SEO isn’t working on your rankings and are helping out somewhere else with your website that means they aren’t working on getting you to number one in Google’s search results.

Would you rather your SEO focus on your rankings or doing someone else’s job? If you find your search engine optimization company isn’t solely focused on your rankings, something’s amiss. SEOs will often go above and beyond because all aspects of how your website works affects your rankings.

Be appreciative that your SEO company is willing to go the extra mile for you. It’s something many companies can’t be bothered with, and it’s a sure sign your SEO company cares about your look online – not just your rankings. If your search engine optimization company is going above and beyond too often, it’s time to start questioning just what the rest of your team is doing for your presence online.