There’s no question that online presence is a must for your business. The majority of customers go online to find businesses, contractors, and other services before they go anywhere else. It used to be enough to have a decent website, but now you must not only have a great and optimized website to be found, but you must also participate in social media. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great platform for people to catch up and waste time, but they are also one of the premiere platforms for businesses as well.

You understand that social media is important for your business, so what sites should you be on? Let’s learn more about finding the right type of social media channels for your business.

Which Social Media Channels are Right for Your Business?

In the early days of social media marketing, the strategy for most businesses was to create a Facebook page and give away stuff for people to like that page but the game has changed. There is no foolproof or 100% effective way to utilize social media for maximum ROI, but there are some methods of figuring out how to give your social pages a boost.

Go Where Your Customers Are

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over one billion users, but that doesn’t make it the best. The idea of social media is to go where your potential customers are. For example, a boutique flower shop might do alright on Facebook, but will likely do better on Pinterest or Instagram where a local carpet cleaning service would work out well on Facebook. Figure out where you customers are, and move from there.

What Do You Want to Gain from Social Media?

Do you want to get more people inside of your store? Do you want to promote a dialogue about your industry? Do you just want people talking? Social media is different than traditional advertising and marketing because ROI is not always the #1 goal. Make your goals and work on a strategy and platforms to fulfill those goals.

Do What You’re Good At

If you can’t make high-quality videos, don’t go on YouTube. If you’re not the best content writer, try Twitter. The idea behind social media is high-quality content that will help your entire online presence so don’t put out low-quality content or posts that will turn people away.

In the end, you will have to play around with different social media channels to figure out what works for your business. Keep a book on your social media campaigns and meet with an SEO or social media marketing service to put a plan in place for your business and its social media.