Switching SEO providers is never an easy task. If your SEO company isn’t providing you the results you’re paying for, it’s time to cut ties and move on. Many businesses don’t realize the impact a bad SEO campaign might have down the line on positive results. Let’s look at what to expect when switching SEO providers.

What to Expect When Cutting Ties with an SEO Provider

We won’t lie to you. A majority of SEO providers out there use outdated and black hat SEO techniques that will get your site penalized. While Google lays out the law of the land pretty clearly in its Webmaster Guidelines, most SEO companies ignore what Google says is fair game. Instead, they use tactics they know you won’t know about that will get you in trouble at some point.

It’s important that anyone who hires a company or individual to do SEO understands the basics of how optimization and rankings work. This way they can identify potential issues with how rankings are being driven. Most companies don’t realize until it’s way too late that their provider is doing something wrong, and by then, it’ll cost even more to get it fixed.

What Your New SEO Takes On When You Make the Switch

When switching from one provider to another, the first thing they should do is dive into what your previous company did to guarantee results. This will show what type of work has to be cleaned up to overcome any dip in rankings. Depending on how long you’ve been with a bad SEO provider, this can take months to clean up so that your website is ready to start ranking according to Google’s rules. In other cases, it may be easier to start over with your website and presence online to get over the hump, especially if you’ve been slapped with a Google penalty.

Your new SEO company will tell you on what the best course of action is. From there, it’s up to you to ask questions, learn more, and determine the right path for your website’s visibility online. When switching SEO companies, many believe they’ll see an instant return to high rankings. Unfortunately, more often than not, it’ll take even longer to see your rankings rise to overcome what your previous provider was doing wrong.