contractor-marketingContractors nationwide are booked solid. Business is good and in fact, it’s better then it’s been in many years which is why many contractors are opting out in investing into marketing. Their busy, they can’t take on anymore work so be overloaded?

The market is doing pretty fantastic right now. Consumers are still buying that fancy 3 story deck they’ve always wanted to, they’re investing into pricy landscapes, and they’re finally putting money into finishing that basement for some much needed finished sq/ft.

For contractors, there is no better time than now to market. Because the excess of work, most contractors have more cash on hand than before. The smart contractors are taking some of their free cash and investing into marketing while others are investing it into things other than their business.


We’re a little bias right? Yes, if we could get every single contractor to invest into a search engine optimization campaign with Altitude SEO that’d be fantastic but we’re thinking past that. Like contractors, we’re unbelievably busy. We’ve been doing this for 14+ years which means this is the 3rd time we’ve seen the market turn. Based on our experience, contractors who best position themselves before the crash will do fine. Contractors who wait and panic when it happens often don’t have enough time, or resources to survive.

What about industries like roofing who get insurance claims year around regardless?

You still need to market. When an insurance provider approves a claim they typically have the consumer find a contractor to do the work. If that consumer can’t find you (typically when searching online) you become irrelevant.

Don’t be the contractor that panics when the market turns, get ahead of the curve and position yourself for success. Discover why more contractors trust Altitude SEO as their online marketing partner: 1-866-924-5757.