Another question Altitude SEO gets asked often is “why do other websites show up higher in Google than mine?” In fact, this question is why so many potential clients give us a call after visiting our website or seeing us on social media. When it comes to the way Google ranks websites, there are hundreds of factors going on behind the scenes that explain why one site ranks higher than others. It’s our job as search engine optimization (SEO) experts to put your website in a position that you can compete with those other websites and eventually overtake them.

Why Do Other Websites Show Up Higher in Google?

Google uses a variety of known and unknown factors to rank every website in its index. Whether you create the best website on the planet or have one page of nothing, Google looks at every website submitted to its search engine and ranks it. If all the factors it judges are up to par and relatable to your search term, Google will rank your website higher than other websites about the same thing; if other websites are going out of their way to make sure they rank high, too, that’s where competing websites go head-to-head in the search engine results page (SERP.)

When Altitude SEO first takes a look at your website, we do an in-depth audit to understand your site’s place on the web. From there, we can determine if you’re already set up for success and just need a push in the right direction or if we need to build the foundation for your success. Unfortunately, most potential clients that come our way have been set up for failure by previous SEO and digital marketing agencies who took the easy way to rank you rather than the right way.

Altitude SEO prides itself in providing transparent, long-term SEO results for your desired keywords no matter the industry or demographic. Once we understand where your site is, we can create an SEO strategy that not only builds a foundation but keeps it in place no matter what Google changes to its ranking algorithm or factors down the line. From there, it’s just a matter of tweaking what’s already on your website to help it succeed against the competition.