The number one question that every SEO company is asked is, “When will my website be #1?” Not only is this the most asked question, but it is one of the most complicated questions for SEOs to answers and the only real right answer is, “It depends.” The goal of any SEO company is to help your website achieve higher rankings for targeted keywords through SEO best practices. When your website will actually achieve these results depends on many different factors. This question can be frustrating for both clients and SEO companies alike so let’s look into why reliable SEO results are a slow burn.

Why Reliable SEO Results are a Slow Burn

The keyword in the above statement is “reliable.” A reliable SEO will use best practices to get your website to achieve higher rankings without violating any webmaster guidelines or using shady SEO techniques. These best practices produce results over time that tend to stick if the website is regularly maintained.

If you ever see an SEO that guarantees you overnight results or promises that your website will be #1 within a certain timeframe they could very well get your website there and fulfill their promises. The problem is that SEOs that promise these results will often use dishonest practices to trick search engines into ranking the website higher. The search engines may be tricked temporarily, but when (and it’s always when, not if) the search engine recognizes these fraudulent actions it will hit your website with a penalty that could toss your website into the 100th search results page or flag the site for delisting altogether. All of a sudden, your SEO company won’t return your calls.

That’s why if you want reliable SEO results, you must choose a reputable and reliable SEO that unfortunately won’t be able to give you a concrete answer to what seems like a straightforward question. In the SEO company’s defense, let’s look at some of the factors that you could be up against.

Factors in Determining How Fast You Can Get Results

  • Targeted keywords
  • Local market
  • Links to your website
  • Website’s content
  • Website’s age
  • Website’s authority
  • Website’s platform
  • Proper coding and mapping
  • Social media accounts

And that is only scratching the surface of all the different factors that could impact your website’s search engine rankings!

The most important thing to know is that if you choose a reputable and reliable SEO with good references, your website is in good hands. Give it time when starting an SEO campaign and your SEO should start giving you updates on your results as soon as things get working.