SEO requires much more effort than it did in the past. In the golden days, you could get away with tinkering with your website and see the top of Google. That’s no longer the case. Search engine optimization requires much more effort and focus than ever before. That’s why you need an SEO provider that does more than just tinkers with your website and call it a day.

Search Engine Optimization is More Than Just Tweaks

Anyone can tweak a website, add a few keywords, and be on their way. That formula doesn’t work anymore and any SEO company that’s doing any work on your site knows that. They’re hoping you don’t know that so they can collect a paycheck without actually working hard to get your site to the top of Google.

SEO is three-fold nowadays: It includes technical SEO on your website, content development, and social media marketing. By utilizing these three types of “SEO,” a provider can not only develop your website into something amazing, it can help your visibility across a variety of platforms and increase your reach.

When you sit down with an SEO provider, you want to go over every way they’ll help you. While you may think you only need one aspect of search engine optimization to succeed, you’re wrong. As the web becomes more competitive, you need more than just technical SEO to get by. By choosing a provider that can help you with content development and social media strategy, you can build a website brand that’s seen by all no matter your target audience online.

Whether you’re doing social media and blogging on your own, or want help with it, finding a provider that can do it all for you is the best way to spend your money. Not all agencies provide all three ways to optimize your website or service, so make sure you’re going with one that can. In the long run, utilizing all three strategies instead of just relying on one is going to do more for your visibility than you can ever imagine.