You have a lot of options available to you when it comes time to allocate your digital marketing budget. How much of it should go to optimizing your website for search engines? More specifically, will focusing on Google SEO grow your business? With there being so much else that pulls you in every direction in running your business, it can be hard knowing where to focus on generating new leads.

Once you start seeing the results of a finely tuned SEO plan, you will understand why Google SEO, in particular, has become such a powerful tool for marketers. So, where is all of this traffic coming from, and how can you make sure that you’re getting your share?

So, Will Google SEO Grow Your Business and Brand?

It All Starts with 100 Billion

All across the world, people are using Google to find what they’re looking for online. To be more precise, about 100 billion Google searches are performed every month. Granted, online searchers are looking for everything from dog food bowls to consulting services, so not everyone is a target for your business. That’s where the power of search engine optimization comes in.

Let’s say you run a plumbing company located in Denver. You’re not going to be interested in getting traffic from 99.9% of the Google searches that are performed for everything else, but for plumbing services in Denver; you want to make sure your company is presented as close to the top of search results as possible. So, one of the first steps to take would be to identify the keywords that people use most when searching online for plumbers in this area. Once that’s been done, it’s time to integrate those keywords strategically into the content that lives on your website.

If this is done correctly, you won’t have to change anything unless the search trends themselves change (which does happen over time). The traffic flows organically from Google to you, and as long as your website does a good job of engaging and retaining visitors, Google will continue to serve you traffic.

The Best Part

…is that once the SEO has been done, the traffic is free. Google rewards high-quality, relevant content with more and more traffic, and you never see a bill from them in the mail. And, if you can create content that is genuinely valuable to readers, your reputation as a thought leader in your industry will yield even more results.

Having a well-planned and executed Google SEO strategy can result in a flood of new traffic for your company. But, it has to be done with the end in mind. Identifying keywords, generating content, forming backlinks, and correctly formatting your site pages all help to contribute to this. This is why Google SEO has become a discipline of its own, and Altitude SEO is your partner in putting it to work for you.

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