Let’s say your car is having troubles and you suspect it’s your transmission — would you drive it to a tire specialist for diagnosis and repair? 

  • The same goes for search engine optimization. While it appears everyone under the sun offers it, most do not have the qualifications to properly diagnosis your website ‘blues’ or the ability to deliver meaningful results.

Why most SEO campaigns don’t work:

  • The expertise required rarely exists
  • Search Engine Optimization is a pretty popular service these days and it seems that everyone from real estate agents to construction workers are all ‘experts’ in it but the truth is, picking up the latest version of search engine optimization for dummies isn’t enough to help you compete in highly competitive markets — let me explain.
  • Search Engine Optimization is a lot more technical than before. The major search engines want websites that perform well, are error free and deliver a grand user experience. These requirements can be found in Google Webmaster Guidelines and are broken down into 3 main categories: Design & Content Guidelines, Technical Guidelines and Quality Guidelines.

SEO providers who focus on growth and scalability will produce poor results:

  • In today’s world, SEO takes a lot of work, a lot of focus, and a lot of customization. SEO providers who are focused on growing their business so quickly that they need to implement a cookie cutter, scalable approach will ultimately produce poor results. Think about it, when you have limited resources and a sales team who is eager to make the ‘big bucks’ the product will fail.
  • Back in the ‘old days,’ you could spend a few minutes optimizing a websites on-page (title elements, h1 tags, alt tags etc…) and throw up a few blog networks, build a few links from them and typically you’d see some increase in rankings; today — that will get your website penalized and I see it a lot.

Don’t hire an SEO provider simply based on a recommendation or a referral – do your diligence.

  • A SEO provider who is worth their salt should be able to rank themselves and if they can’t, how do you expect them to do the same for you? If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO provider find out if they can rank themselves for competitive terms — a good rule of thumb is City + SEO (i.e. Denver SEO or Castle Rock SEO) and if their site shows up on the 1st page then chances are they are worth talking to in greater depth about their value offering.
  • BTW – our website, velocityradio.fm ranks #1 for both :)
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