The number one goal of most websites is to get as much traffic as possible to achieve more business. There are several different ways to boost your website traffic including having your site optimized for search engines, utilizing social media, and getting signed up for different business listings to make sure your site is seen.

There are many different services that offer to help your online visibility but there are only a few services that have the reputation and team to really get the job done. Yext is one of the more popular listing services out there and has many great benefits, so should you be using Yext business listings? To figure out if Yext listings would benefit you, let’s look at what Yext is, some of the services they offer, and the benefits of Yext.

Does Your Site Need Yext Business Listings?

What Are Yext Business Listings?

Yext is an online company that specializes in online business listings and online directories. Yext will list your website over several different types of sites such as search engines like Google, social media like Instagram, and any other website where visibility will help improve your website’s traffic.

Benefits of Yext Business Listings

  • Higher Visibility: Yext will list your information on dozens of different search engines, directories, and online listings. This means potential customers are much more likely to come across your website or service when you are highly visible. The more traffic your website sees, the better it will serve you.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Yext listings can help improve the search engine optimization for your website. The higher visibility, higher page authority, and other benefits from Yext will pull double-duty to better increase your rankings.
  • Enhanced Listings: Yext can help you with enhanced listings which can include pictures, graphics, and other add-ons to enhance your listings and improve conversion.
  • Centralized: With Yext you don’t have to go to dozens of individual sites to check your listings as Yext can provide you with a central hub to check on all of your listings.
  • Efficiency: You can updates dozens of listings with one click. The instant submission of Yext means any updates you make will be seen by potential consumers instantly.

If you’re ready to experience these numerous benefits of Yext listings yourself, you’re ready to sign up. Head over to to get started or talk to your local search engine optimization company to do it for you. With Yext your website will be visible to any potential consumers out there and your bottom line will benefit.