Any SEO worth their weight in gold is going to provide you with a free SEO report when they first go over what they can offer you. Whether they offer the report through their website or send you one after you make contact, if they’re not providing a basic SEO report to go over what they can do for you, they’re frauds.

Let’s look at why SEO companies are afraid to provide you a basic SEO report upfront and why you should be cautious about it.

Why You Need a Free SEO Report Before Signing On the Dotted Line

If you’ve never worked with an SEO provider or don’t know much about search engine optimization, having a free SEO report to look at when choosing a provider can give you an idea of what needs to be done on your website. Without this report, you may not have a clue where to start or what work should be done. These basic reports are simple to understand and with some Google-fu can be understood in a few minutes or less.

If an SEO provider won’t give you a report, instead they want to just talk you through what they can do for you, you may not know for sure if they’re trying to take advantage of your ignorance of search engine optimization. They’re counting on your lack of knowledge to be able to sell you a plan that you don’t need for your website. If you ask for a report and they don’t offer it, consider getting a quote from another provider who isn’t afraid to show you what a basic SEO report has to say.

Many SEO companies are looking to make a quick buck off websites and services, especially ones that don’t need much SEO or aren’t in a competitive enough industry to rely on it. By offering up a free basic SEO report from the get go, a potential provider can show you what areas can be improved upon and what areas should be focused on in the first few months of search engine services.

If a potential SEO provider isn’t offering a free SEO report, they may be trying to get one over on you. Don’t let that happen to your website. Ensure your SEO is on the up and up from the get go.